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HeadWay, Issue #039 -- A foot headache?
October 21, 2006

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From head to toe - are your feet causing a headache?

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Say what?! Podiatry

From head to toe - are your feet causing a headache?

Do you get a headache, or even a migraine attack, when you've been on your feet a lot?  Did you ever consider that your feet may be causing a headache?

Both alternative and traditional types of medicine have come to realize that your feet can influence the health of your entire body.  I remember finding foot massage very helpful during a migraine attack.  It can help relax your whole body, when done properly.  Let's look at some of the ways you can harm your feet, and a few ways you may be able to remedy the situation.

How could you be harming your feet?
  • Are you wearing cheap shoes with poor soles?
  • Do you get very little exercise, then end up on your feet all day?
  • Do you walk straight, or on one side of the foot?  Are the soles of your shoes wearing unevenly?
  • Does one foot tend to get sore easily?  Both feet?  Where?  These questions may help your doctor diagnose the problem.

  • What can you do to help your feet?
  • If you're having pain in your feet, talk to your doctor.  Fallen arches may require special insoles (not necessarily the cheap ones you see at the department store).  Pain may be a sign of arthritis, or diabetes.  Check it out with your doctor to rule out serious conditions.
  • Make sure you buy decent footwear, both for indoor and outdoor use.  WebMD has some tips for buying footwear, but remember that if you have a condition such as fallen arches you may need something more specific.
  • Try a basic foot massage, or get a friend to massage your feet (a good friend).  Here are some foot massage techniques.  For personal massage, try an inexpensive massager such as the foot roller.  I have one of these and it's surprisingly effective.
  • If your walk is a problem, a physical therapist who specializes in movement can be a huge help.  I went to see one of these and learned that I was doing a lot of things wrong when I walked.  Walking "wrong" can tire you out sooner and cause problems all over the body.
  • A foot bath can relax the whole body, and is especially helpful for tension headache
  • Go to a professional for a foot massage.  You can try a massage therapist, for example.  There are various theories of foot massage, such as reflexology, but the jury is still out on how much more effective some of these treatments are.
  • Get proper, regular exercise.  This is much better than suddenly tiring out your feet.

  • Here are some more general tips from the American Podiatric Medical Association

    Recent website additions

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    Say what?! Podiatry

    Podiatry or Podiatric Medicine is the field of medicine related primarily to the foot and ankle.  It's also known as Chiropody.  Physicians in the field usually have a degree in the field after several years of education.  For more, visit Podiatry Today or Feet for Life.
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