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HeadWay, Issue #041 -- Best articles you might not have read...
December 21, 2006

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In this month's issue:

Best articles you might not have read...

Best HeadWay issues you might have forgotten about...

Best ways to be involved that you never thought of...

Best articles you might not have read...

This month's HeadWay is a little different. With so many articles and news stories at, you might not have read more than a few. So this month we're going to look at the articles that are the most popular, and some others that you might enjoy but might have missed:

  • *Popular* If someone says you have an eye migraine, what do they mean? Read this article for a few possibilities.
  • *Popular* If you want to say no to drugs, here are some home remedies people have used for headaches.
  • *Popular* Can the weather give you a headache, or trigger a migraine attack? Find out about barometric pressure headache
  • Start out with a basic understanding of migraine - what causes migraine, anyway?
  • If working out gives you a headache, find out how to avoid exercise induced headache attacks
  • Children can get migraine attacks too, but how can you help a child with migraine?
  • For some, chocolate is a major migraine trigger. Others consider it a health food. My research into chocolate led to one of the most surprising articles on the site.
  • I get sore eyes during a migraine attack, so I decided to review two different eye pillows, which I find to be a great help
  • Speaking of the eyes, if you're really sensitive to light, here are a few tips
  • Cooking is cool, especially if you can cook migraine-friendly recipes

  • Best HeadWay issues you might have forgotten about...

    Here are a couple of the most popular issues, and then some that I especially like...

  • *Popular* Ok, this was just last month, but this issue about butterbur turned out to be very popular
  • *Popular* You feel that pain coming right up your neck - if you have a stiff neck, it could be serious...
  • The very first issue still has some good advice - topamax and a recipe to cool your brain
  • If your headache is caused by jaw problems, you may be able to find some relief for only $5.  Also, find out about abdominal migraine
  • Say goodbye to dust mites, and hello to green tea
  • You've had migraine attacks ever since that accident - learn about post-traumatic migraine
  • It's hard enough without ending up with bad doctors.  But how can I find a good doctor?
  • Everybody's got different symptoms.  What would it look like if we put all the migraine symptoms together?
  • Best ways to be involved that you never thought of...

    Don't forget, there are a growing number of ways that you can share your insight, or ask questions and make comments.

  • First and foremost, the HeadWay MailRoom, where your password nomoache allows you exclusive subscriber access and priority treatment.  Comments, suggestions and ideas all welcome!
  • What's your favourite migraine book?  Headache self-help book?  Vote for it and see others' favourites at the Reader's Choice Awards!
  • News, tips and much more - and you can comment on it all!  Visit the Headache and Migraine News Blog
  • Finally, now that you know it all, take the Migraine Quiz, and get your friends to try too (you know, those friends that always have the solution to all your migraine woes!

  • There are dozens and dozens of more articles, news posts, and features at the website with more being added!  I hope you've found something new and helpful today.  And may there be many less headaches, clusters and migraine attacks in 2007!
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