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HeadWay, Issue #100 -- Celebrating 100 Issues!
October 18, 2012

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In this month's issue:

HeadWay: Celebrating 100 Issues!

More Good News

HeadWay: Celebrating 100 Issues!

That's right - this is the 100th issue of HeadWay!  We're going to take a look back, and there will be some surprises too - so let's get started!

HeadWay was introduced back in the summer of 2003.  We started by talking about Topamax (topiramate), which in those days hadn't been approved for migraine.  So we talked about "off-labels", still an important issue today, since the majority of migraine treatments are "off-label".

We also shared a great recipe.  Check out the first issue of HeadWay here!

Today, over 11,000 people get headache news first because they get HeadWay in their inbox!  Thanks for subscribing, and for your feedback over the past 9+ years!

Some of My Favs (and Yours!)...

Here are some of the issues that I like - and our readers like as well!  Here are 12 issues to check out.  The ones with a * are still especially popular with you. Now, I'm going to cheat a little and mention a couple of HeadWay series that were also popular.  First, we did a series on various types of headache - here they are.  I've posted the whole series up at Headache and Migraine News for you to enjoy:  Make Yourself Smart: Headache Types

And finally, our 2011 series on treatment trends - just two issues here and here.

More Good News

Did you know that we're trying to give away some stuff?  That's right!  First, if you live in the USA, be sure to smile and enter the LipiGesic M Giveaway!  There are a lot of ways to enter, and you still have an excellent chance of winning!  The contest closes on Monday.

Also, we're trying to give away a free migraine cookbook!  To enter, just add your favourite migraineur-friendly recipe here.  This is for anyone anywhere in the world!

And by the way - the first subscriber to suggest a topic for a future edition of HeadWay in the HeadWay MailRoom will receive a US$20 gift certificate from or the equivalent at  Yes, really!

Thanks to all 11,000+ of you who have made these 100 issues worthwhile!  I hope I can continue to fight migraine, cluster, and headache with you!

Thanks for reading!  Remember, if you have feedback or ideas for future issues, visit the HeadWay MailRoom.  Your password is nomoache.
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