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HeadWay bonus issue -- I couldn't wait to tell you!
September 05, 2007

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In this bonus issue:

Invisible Illness Awareness Week

Wanna become famous?

New stuff, and thanks!

This is a bonus issue of HeadWay. There's just so much to say and so much happening that I couldn't wait until later in the month to share it all with you! So here's some of the latest news:

Invisible Illness Awareness Week

This is the most time-sensitive. National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week is coming up from September 10 to 16. And don't be scared off by the word "national" - this is actually a worldwide event, and you are invited.

Most of you who read this know exactly what I mean by an "invisible illness". We don't carry crutches, and many of us try to make our lives look as normal as possible. But under the surface is another headache - a migraine attack - another series of clusters - ready to pounce. If anyone has ever said to you,"But, you don't look sick", you just might have an invisible illness!

This week is a time to focus media attention on these illnesses, and raise awareness. But it's also an opportunity for those living with chronic illness, and their friends and family, to get together and share their experiences and insights.

This year, is an official sponsor. If you want to learn more about what's coming, and how you can help raise awareness in your community, visit

Wanna become famous?

Thanks to all your encouragement, I want to continue expanding opportunities for you to be involved in sharing your thoughts and insights about what you've experienced.

After all the recent talk about headache and migraine art and photos, I've decided to give you the opportunity to share your own best art and photos for all to see!  This is a great way to help people understand exactly how people living with chronic headaches, migraine, or cluster really feel.

So take your best shot and head over to this page:
share your photos and picture here!

It's super-easy to share your picture - be sure to tell us a little about it, too!  This page is brand new, so you can still be the first to hit stardom (I'd rather see you become famous for being miraculously cured, but we'll take what we can get!).

New stuff, and thanks!

There's always new information being added to the website.  One of the newest articles is a new overview of food in migraine treatment - is there a "migraine diet"?

And for those looking for weird trivia, did you know that headache treatment may come from a beaver's rear end?  If you just don't want to know, don't click the link!

The stats on the Reader's Choice Awards have been updated too - not much change here, although The Headache Prevention Cookbook by David R. Marks, MD and Laura Marks, MD is a new gold medal winner in the cooking category.  If you haven't already, be sure to stop by and vote for your favourite books!

I also want to give a big thanks to everyone - this summer there have been more people than ever visiting as a part of their fight against headaches and migraines.  Over 88 thousand people visited in July and August alone (that's individual visitors - many visited more than once, meaning there were well over 100,000 visits)!  And there are more people receiving HeadWay than ever before.

Often it's not me - it's your insights that make the site so helpful.  You've advised me on what to write about, you've left comments, made suggestions, and offered encouragement.  You've kept coming back over the last few years, and you've brought friends.

Let's keep fighting until there are no more headaches or migraines to write about!
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