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HeadWay, Issue #171 -- Migraine-Fighting Patches
November 21, 2018

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In this issue:

Migraine-Fighting Patches

Recently at Headache and Migraine News...

Say what?! Iontophoresis

Migraine-Fighting Patches

One of the biggest challenges for migraine patients is gastric stasis. A common problem in migraine, it means that you spent your money on a pill that isn't absorbed properly - and so does little or no good.

One growing solution is the idea of a migraine patch. And migraine patches aren't always drugs. Let's look at a few:

Patch Fail: Zecuity
One of the challenges of patches is the fact that many use very new technology. Zecuity was a case in point - a very promising delivery system for sumatriptan, concerns over severe skin irritation in some patients halted sales in 2016.

Nerivio - electrical impulses
Nerivio (not yet available) is a patch that you control with your smart phone. It provides electrical impulses that interrupt the pain. It may sound strange, but in trials even patients with severe pain have found significant relief using Nerivio.

Another non drug option, known as "pulsed shortwave therapy (PSWT)", used commonly for muscle pain. A recent trial tested it for headache as well, although the results aren't out yet.

ADAM Zolmitriptan
A triptan patch currently in clinical trials, this patch uses a system of tiny needles to get the medication into your system fast - but, most patients don't feel pain.

Lidocaine patch
This one is actually available right now. It has helped people with migraine, with minimal side effects. The trick is that the patch must be placed where the migraine pain is worst for it to be effective.

Be Koool
These patches, also available now, provide a cooling sensation to the pain location, usually one side of the temple for migraine. Although it may sound like an ice pack, these patches are surprisingly effective and very long lasting, at a very low price.

That's just a sample of what's out there and what's coming. Hopefully we'll soon have a lot more options.

Recently at Headache and Migraine News...

After a slow summer, things have been picking up again at Headache and Migraine News. Here are a few recent posts you'll want to check out:

Say what?! Iontophoresis

Zecuity used a drug delivery system known as an iontophoretic transdermal system. Iontophoresis essentially uses an electrical field to deliver medications through the skin, without actually breaking the skin. It is already being used in the medical field (for example, in physical therapy). Hopefully it will make a return in a safer form for migraine patients.

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