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HeadWay, Issue #141 -- Why You Should Attend The Migraine World Summit
April 13, 2016

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In this issue:

Why You Should Attend The Migraine World Summit

Say what?! Neurotherapeutics

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Why You Should (and can) Attend The Migraine World Summit

This Friday, migraine specialists from all over the world will be gathered at the Migraine World Summit. The summit will run from Friday the 15th until Wednesday the 20th. And you should attend.

All right, "gathered" may be the wrong word. The event is completely virtual, which means, as the official website points out, you won't have to deal with "loud noises, other people's perfume, crowds or other multiple triggers. This is the ideal setting from the comfort of your own home."

I will be one of the speakers, but I'm not here to talk about me at the moment, but about some of the many others that are worth listening to. I want to mention just a few of the people I don't want to miss hearing.

So I looked over some of the articles I've written in the past. Here are some of the people that we've talked about, who will be at the summit:That's just a few of the speakers I've learned from in the past. And, of course, I look forward to meeting many new people!

You may not agree with what everyone has to say, but be sure to take the time to listen. The event is free - get your free tickets here.

If you can't see all the videos, or prefer to watch/listen at your own pace, you can actually purchase all these interviews, not only in video format but MP3 (yay for not having to look at a computer screen!). After you claim your free ticket, scroll down the page to see the options. Transcripts are also available, and with a "VIP Access Pass" you also have access to a trigger guide, treatment directory, and more (I'm buying that one).

What an opportunity to hear about the cutting edge of migraine research! I'd love to have you come and listen to me as well - but I'm going to the summit to learn from many people I've come to respect - don't miss it!

Say what?! Neurotherapeutics

While reading about the speakers at the summit, I came across Dr. Deborah Friedman, who will be speaking on cluster headache. Apparently she teaches on neurotherapeutics. What is that? Well, it turns out it's just what it sounds like. The treatment (therapy) in neurological disorders, or disorders involving the nervous system. And now you know.

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