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HeadWay, Issue #188 The Migraine News You Missed
April 21, 2020

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In this issue:

The News You Missed...

And A Few Tips...

Say what?! A Virus Headache

The News You Missed...

It's only a slight exaggeration that the news has been all about one thing - and you know what it is! Under "normal" circumstances, many more people would be talking about these migraine headlines.

One of the few migraine headlines I've seen was about hoping you had migraine instead of something more serious!

Well, we know that it's not diminishing the seriousness of other diseases to say that migraine itself is serious, painful, disabling, and destructive. So we're going to keep fighting it.
  • GammaCore: One big news story so far this year is the approval (by the FDA) of GammaCore for migraine prevention. It is now approved for both acute and preventative treatment of migraine and cluster. GammaCore is a non-invasive nerve stimulation device - find out more at the GammaCore website. (*Interesting fact: GammaCore tech is also being studied for treatment of COVID-19!)
  • Will symptoms improve? A new study gave us some insights into why some patients improve.
  • Vyepti approved: A new preventative drug that you take only every three months was approved in February.
  • Kudos to the Migraine World Summit: Without the fanfare it deserved, the world's largest patient migraine conference fought on -online- ! Kudos to those who are still serving so many who are in pain - pain that needs to stop. If you missed the summit and want to use isolation time to get your "masters" in migraine treatment, check out the 2020 library of information and tips here.
  • Healthline's Migraine App: Healthline rolled out their new migraine app, and they're still making improvements to it. Get an introduction to it here: Healthline's new Migraine App
  • Nurtec: One more that should have been making world-wide headlines. A brand new fast-acting abortive medication for migraine.

3 Tips...

And, in case you missed them, the three top tips from Headache and Migraine News:
  1. Eyestrain? Seriously, Try Iris Now. - with all this extra screen time many of us are experiencing, this is the #1 tip of the month.
  2. Do You Have a Food Intolerance? - one way to investigate food intolerance, with links to more information.
  3. A Green Lamp for Migraine? - a controversial treatment - find out why some people swear by it.

Say what?! A Virus Headache

Yes, a virus (even COVID-19) can lead to headache. The headache symptom is generally connected to inflammation, and fever.

Officially, this is called headache attributed to systemic viral infection. Symptoms are generally attributed to inflammation (such as sinus inflammation) and fever.

Because COVID-19 is so new, treatment advice (including use of painkillers) is evolving. Check with your doctor for his advice for your particular situation.

A virus headache may have other symptoms similar to migraine, such as sensitivity to light or sound.

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