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HeadWay, Issue #061 -- Headache and Migraine News
September 22, 2008

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In this month's issue:

Headache and Migraine News

Oxygen for Cluster Headache

Say what?!  Tannins

Headache and Migraine News

It's been a rough move, but things are starting to settle down again!

No, I'm not talking about my move (though I could say the same), but the move of the Headache and Migraine News Blog.  It now has a new look, hopefully it will be easier for you to use, and it's at a totally new location -  Don't forget to update your links!

It was a bit of a rough move because things didn't work at all at first, but I think things are settling down a bit.  If you're subscribed to the RSS feed, you probably felt hardly a blip.  If you were trying to visit from another website, you might have had problems.

Anyway, because of the work I've been doing there, I'm going to give you a few odds and ends as well as the article below, and then leave you to check out the new blog and tell me what you think.

Some of the latest updates and articles (at the blog and
And one more thing!  If you missed out on Invisible Illness Week, you can still hear all the seminars for free, just check here.  That's a treasure trove of resources, and you just have to visit the site to get them.  Also, see my guest post on the Invisible Illness Blog.

Oxygen for Cluster Headache

Carol from the USA emailed and asked about oxygen for cluster headache.  My first thought was - doesn't everybody already know about that?

It turns out Carol is right.  A lot of people don't know about it.  Maybe it's the cluster curse - one of the world's worst headaches, and few people really understand anything about it.

First, if you don't know anything about cluster, read this article.

Breathing pure oxygen is one of the best treatments during a cluster attack.  Usually patients use a flow rate of about 6-10 liters per minute.

Since the oxygen must be breathed during an attack, patients actually need to carry an oxygen cylinder and regulator with them, ready for the next attack.  If it works, of course, it's a small price to pay to relieve what have been called "suicide headaches".  A popular device is the LifeGas O2PTIMASK.

There is some evidence now that a higher flow rate has better success in some patients - such as 15 liters per minute.  However, patients need to be extremely cautious and talk this over with a doctor who knows their medical history.  There is a danger of lung disease or other conditions if too much oxygen is given.

What about migraine?  Well, we're looking into that too!

Say what?!  Tannins

Tannins are compounds found in plants.  It has been theorized that they are a migraine trigger, and some people do try to stick to foods low in tannins.  Some foods high in tannins include walnuts, red wine, chocolate, tea, vanilla, and most herbal products.  Read more about tannins and migraine here.

Thanks for reading!  Remember, if you have feedback or ideas for future issues, visit the HeadWay MailRoom.  Your password is nomoache.
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