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HeadWay Issue #199 Three Quick Things (another brilliant subject line!)
March 20, 2021

In this issue:

Just Three Quick Things.

Just Three Quick Things.

Instead of our normal issue, I'm just going to give you three quick things to think about. Why? Because I want you to use most of your brainpower and screen time (or listening time) at the Migraine World Summit, and I don't want to give you information overload!

Thanks to those who showed their support by registering. There is still time to watch lots of free interviews - just click the link to register!

Or, if you want to simply read/listen/watch at your leisure, the entire summit library with bonuses is available here.

And now, as promised - three quick things.

Quick Thing #1: A fascinating interview. If you're interested in a real migraine-fighter story, check out this fascinating interview with Whoopi Goldberg. I don't often share stories like this, but this one really is worth a read.

Quick Thing #2: Blackout those windows (even if you're not at home). There are lots of options available for blacking out rooms (my wife used double denim, which was a great inexpensive option!). But what about temporary or travel options?

Yes, they're out there. The DREAM ART Anywhere Portable Blackout Curtain has a lot of reviews, and they're pretty good, although I might go with the Easynight Portable Travel Blackout Blind, which is more expensive but has more options and stronger 5 star reviews.

There are also "films" that stick on. Although easy to remove, this one is not designed to be reused. However, some customers have found a way to make it work to some extent: Total Blackout Window Film

(Tip: Make sure you cut it large and take your time snipping at it from there. You don't want cracks of light coming through!)

Quick Thing #3 - N1-Headache updates. So you've learned a lot at the summit and you're inspired to make real changes to your life. But how can you scientifically know which changes are working? The N1-Headache app is a great way! Invest 90 days tracking your symptoms, treatments, and triggers, and you may be amazed at what you've learned. If you haven't checked out this app in a while, you'll be interested to see all the changes and improvements.

That's it! I hope you found something helpful.
Thanks for reading!  Remember, if you have feedback or ideas for future issues, visit the HeadWay MailRoom.  Your password is nomoache.
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