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HeadWay, Issue #185 Should I Care About Ubrelvy? The New Migraine Drug Explained...
January 21, 2020

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Should I Care About Ubrelvy?

Migraine and Sugar

Say what?! Keto Diet

Should I Care About Ubrelvy?

If you feel like you're getting overloaded by "new migraine treatments", you're not alone. The last few months have been full of news.

Ubrelvy is, however, unique, and deserves 5 minutes of your time to make sure you understand why.

We've heard a lot about "CGRP" related drugs over the past few years. Ubrelvy, newly approved for sale by the FDA in the USA, falls into that category - but it's different from the other drugs you've already heard about that have been hitting the shelves.

Most importantly, Ubrelvy is an abortive, taken to stop a specific migraine attack.

Secondly, Ubrelvy is not an injection. It's taken orally. One dose at the first sign of an attack, and then a second dose a couple of hours later if needed.

Should I consider Ubrelvy?

1. If you have not had success with other abortive medications, Ubrelvy might be worth a look. It had a different mechanism in the body, and so may help those who haven't been helped by other abortive drugs.
2. If you usually have two migraine attacks a week or more, Ubrelvy is not a good option. You should seriously be considering a preventative, or more aggressive treatment.
3. You may want to consider other treatments along with Ubrelvy, such as biofeedback or lifestyle changes.
4. For more important details about this new drug, check out the summary at Ubrelvy – Fast Facts about the New Migraine Drug.

Migraine and Sugar

Considering some radical diet changes for 2020? Make sure you check out the two part series below. Also, you might be interested in the brand new book - Keto for Migraine: Keys to the Ketogenic Diet for Migraine Sufferers (The Physicians Guide to Holistic Migraine Relief) by migraineur and neurologist Dr. Josh Turknett.

Say what?! Keto Diet

The keto diet is so called because it allows your body to produce "ketones", putting your body in a state called "ketosis".

Keto diets are low in carbs and higher in fats, and have traditionally been used to treat certain cases of epilepsy. Today it is often thought of as a weight-loss diet.

Keto diets are also used to fight migraine. The challenge is that (1) there is a lot of misinformation online about what keto diets are and (2) keto diets really are not just one thing - meaning that some may be good for migraine, others may make things worse. Be sure to do your research if you're interested in a keto diet, and look for information specifically for migraine patients.

(Here is some useful - but general - information about keto (not focused on migraine): A ketogenic diet for beginners

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