Aromatherapy headache solutions

This is where you can discover the best aromatherapy headache solutions - essential oils to target and attack your headache or migraine. There are hundreds of options, and some of them may do more harm than good if you don't understand the basics of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy - essential oils

If you're new to the field of aromatherapy, you need to read the full article on the topic. Find out the difference between aromatherapy and aromachology, and how you can keep from being tricked into buying into the aromatherapy hype. Many products that claim to be an aromatherapy headache target may not be related to aromatherapy at all.

True aromatherapy involves essential oils, so the purer the better. Over the years, certain essential oils have risen to the top as the best for headache and migraine. For example, peppermint is hundreds, perhaps thousands of years old in the headache fighting list. My favourites are sandalwood or lavender. Lavender is believed to relieve stress as well as headaches, and works wonderfully in a diffuser or in your bath.

For example - a Milk Bath...
A couple of years ago I found a marvellous lavender and citrus blend essential oil icon

. Using a food processor, I blended some skim milk powder, and then dropped in some of the essential oil, making my own milk bath. It made an excellent gift. I still have the essential oil, and I use it in a diffuser as well.

You can find essential oils in your neighborhood. Experiment, some are better than others. Do make sure that you're using 100% essential oil. Just because it says "aromatherapy" and comes in a nice package doesn't mean it's really pure.

The top 5 for headache

Here are the top 5 types for headache or migraine:






For migraine nausea, ginger essential oil is recommended by some aromatherapists. Read more about the ginger migraine connection here. has unscented bath oil and unscented massage oil, recommended for mixing with your oils if you're using them in the bath (a great aromatherapy headache treatment). It also has a great selection of diffusers, excellent for the aromatherapy headache solution.

For a great look at aromatherapy and essential oils, including recipes and tips, check out Aromatherapy for Dummies (no kidding!). This book will not only give you tips for headache, but will help you see how aromatherapy can fit into the bigger picture of your life, in relation to stress and other conditions you may be dealing with.

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