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Headache causes, news, types and treatments - find answers and fight back!

There are many different headache causes, types and treatments. Find the latest information that can relieve your migraine and headache pain!

Headache and Migraine News

Thoughts and information about the latest news in the world of migraine, cluster headache and other headache treatment around the world.

Migraine search page – find answers fast!

Find migraine information fast on this migraine search page. Find info on symptoms, other types of headache, treatments, and therapies.

The Cause of Migraine: Evidence and Controversy

What is the cause of migraine? What is a migraine and how can you stop it from attacking? Discover what the latest research is telling us about migraine headaches...

Headache home remedies - natural alternatives for migraine and other headaches!

Want the best headache home remedies? Do-it-yourself fast relief from tension headaches, migraine headache and other headaches. Headache home remedies that WORK!

What's the best herb for headache? The latest research for your headache...

Looking for an herb for headache? Here are the herbs that are considered the best. Look here for herbal remedy for headache and migraine herbal remedies as well! Then find the best one for YOU!

What is a symptom of migraines, and how are other headaches different?

Think you might have a symptom of migraines? You need to know what type of headache you have before you can cure it!

What type of headaches do you have? What's the difference?

What is your type of headaches? You've got to know what it is before you fix it! Read about migraines, cluster, thunderclap, tension and more!

The Migraine Quiz

Test your friends with the Migraine Quiz! Do they understand what migraine is? Are they the friends you'd like to have around when you're waiting to see the doctor?

Migraine nausea

It's a feeling of the worst kind - migraine nausea. What can you do to fight it? Is there special treatment for migraine nausea? Let's take a look at what you can do to stop it...

Diet headache migraine – food can help end your migraine headache pain!

Find the diet headache migraine connection: Simple and easy food choices can save you a lot of headache pain! Relieve your migraines by changing your diet. . . .

Medication migraine answers...

Medication for migraine - what's available, what's new, and what's right for you. Find medication migraine answers here...

Migraine prevention

What types of migraine prevention are available? Here you can learn about both natural and medicinal solutions for migraine prevention...

The migraine trigger – what they are and how to avoid them

Identifying and avoiding your migraine trigger – what they are, how to identify them and how to avoid them...

Child Migraines – how often they happen, and what you can do about them!

Dealing with child migraines? Does your child really have them, and how can you understand and help them go away?

Dealing with your Barometric Pressure Headache – weather the pain storm!

How to handle the dreaded barometric pressure headache! What is the research that's been done and what really helps?

Hormonal headache – getting free from the cycle of pain!

Finding solutions to hormonal headache – there really ARE ways to fight the pain!

Silent Migraine

Silent migraine, also known as migraine aura without headache, migraine equivalent or acephalgic migraine, is actually fairly common. Here's what you need to know about silent migraine...

Migraine aura art

See some migraine aura art, and migraine art in general here and in galleries and museums around the internet!

Find competent migraine doctors in your area...

Looking for migraine doctors? Here's where to start your search, and here's how to judge if you've got a doctor who can really help...

Botox for Migraine

This is the debate: is Botox for migraine really a valid treatment? Is the Botox and migraines connection backed up by the facts? Find out before you take the plunge...

Menstrual migraine - real pain, real solutions

For a long time Menstrual Migraine has been misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and mistreated. But new information is helping doctors and patients find real answers to this debilitating disease...

In your fight against migraines, are you making any headway?

The latest headache news and the best headache remedies! Have the newest research as well as the tried and true home remedies delivered right to your inbox with HeadWay!

How came to be - a migraine website story...

This migraine website was born out of over 15 years of migraine and other types of headaches, and frustration over misinformation and LACK of information...

Community articles

Do you have migraine or headache? Share your experience at community articles...

Headache resources - where to find more excellent information and support

A growing list of headache resources for migraine sufferers, cluster headache sufferers, and anyone looking for great headache information... Site Map

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A Botox Migraines Connection – can the anti-wrinkle drug end headache pain?

Is there a Botox migraines connection? Everything you need to know about your chances of finding migraine headache relief with the cosmetic drug, Botox.

Abdominal migraine

There's a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to abdominal migraine. This type of migraine is recognized by the medical community, and is far more common in children than adults...

Biofeedback migraine treatment - what you need to know

You've heard about biofeedback migraine treatment, but what is it? Is there scientific evidence to back it up? Are there any dangers? Find out here!

Tension headache symptoms – knowing your headache and getting RID of it!

Do you have tension headache symptoms? Or might it be a migraine? Here's how to tell the difference and find the right treatment!

Taking posture exercise to a new level – can Dr White end your pain?

Posture exercise from Dr White is a lifestyle designed to eliminate back pain, joint pain and more. Especially designed for those who just don't have the time...

Headache and exercise - How can exercise help me avoid headaches and migraine?

Headache and exercise. One of the last things we think of when it comes to treating chronic headaches may be the most important. Find out how exercise can benefit you...

Exercise induced headache – how to stop it before it starts

Ending exercise induced headache...if you get a migraine or other type of headache when you exercise, this is the place to find solutions. Don't let migraines stop you from getting the most out of li

After exercise headache

You have a great work-out then - BOOM! An after exercise headache! What can you do about it? How can you avoid it in the first place? Find out here.

Preventative Migraine Medication

A summary of currently available preventative migraine medication, both over the counter and prescription migraine medication...

Cluster Headache treatments and solutions - finding answers...

You want cluster headache treatments, but need more information? Here's a quick, clear description of clusters and their treatments...

Headache Painkillers – what's available for your type of headache or migraine?

Find your way through the maze of headache painkillers and abortive medicine; find out what's right from you, and what the facts are!

Triptan and migraine answers

Triptan and migraine - what are so-called triptan medications all about, and how can they help a migraine sufferer? Find out what types of triptans are available...

What can cause cluster headache?

Things that can cause cluster headache ... wondering where this weird, powerful headache pain really comes from? Research may be starting to give us some answers...

migraine serotonin

What is serotonin?

The Migraine and Headache Dictionary

The migraine and headache dictionary is a growing glossary of terms important for those dealing with migraine and various types of headache...

Migraine and Headache Dictionary - A

Index of words beginning with A

Migraine and Headache Dictionary - F

Migraine and Headache Dictionary definitions starting with F


What is fibromyalgia?

migraine definition

What is migraine?

Migraine headache symptoms: How do I know if I have migraine?

Recognizing migraine headache symptoms is critical to getting the proper treatment! How do you know if it's a migraine? Could it be something dangerous?

Migraine and aura – what causes aura and what it means to you!

People with migraine and aura deal with frightening symptoms. But these symptoms may be your clue to finding relief!

Headache sensitive to light

Have a headache sensitive to light? This is a common problem and may be a clue about what type of headache you have...

aura definition

What is a migraine aura?

Flax Seed Eye Pillow

A look at the IMAK eye pillow and the flax seed eye pillow, reviews and links...

Migraine and Headache Dictionary - M

Migraine and Headache Dictionary, M section

Migraine and Headache Dictionary - Megrim

Megrim - definition

Migraine and Headache Dictionary - Migraineur

MIGRAINEUR - Definition

Migraine and Headache Dictionary - S

Migraine and Headache Dictionary, S section

sinusitis definition and information

What is sinusitis?

Sinus Headache Symptoms, and what to do if you have one!

Are you getting sinus headache symptoms? How can you tell if it's a sinus headache or a migraine? What can you do about it?

Migraine and Headache Dictionary - T

Migraine and Headache Dictionary, M section

Migraine and Headache Dictionary - Trigeminal Nerve

Trigeminal nerve - a definition

trigeminal neuralgia

What is trigeminal neuralgia?

Migraine and Headache Dictionary - V

Migraine and Headache Dictionary, V section

Migraine and Headache Dictionary - Vasoconstriction

Vasoconstriction - a definition

Migraine and Headache Dictionary - Vasodilation

Vasodilation - a definition

Rebound headache – what it is, and how to escape the pain!

Away with rebound headache! Do you suspect that you or someone you know may be dealing with rebound or drug induced headache? Here's how to recognize rebound and bounce back...

Food and serotonin – can your diet make a difference?

A link between food and serotonin? Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, and when it's low it may leave you with a bad mood, poor concentration, and a headache. But can diet make a difference?

Eye migraines – symptoms of eye or silent migraine and what to do about them.

What are eye migraines? Here's the low down on ocular, ophthalmic, and other eye migraines...

Understanding Complicated Migraine

It seems the term complicated migraine still gets thrown around quite a bit. The truth is, it does migraine sufferers a disservice. Complicated migraine can refer to too many dissimilar things...

Natural Migraine Relief: the Best Strategies

There are many types of natural migraine relief, and many you don't often hear about. There may be more than one that will work well for you...

Migraine diet

You want to kill those migraines - should you try a migraine diet? What would that looks like? Here's a discussion of how a diet for migraine sufferers might work...

Chocolate and headache and health

Are chocolate and headache linked? Why? Is chocolate good or bad for you?

The magnesium migraines connection – the key to ending your headache?

So just what is the magnesium migraines connection, and could it mean an end to your headaches? Let's look at the latest magnesium migraines research to find out what this means to you . . .

Review of Dr Mauskop's book on Migraine

A review of What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Migraines by Dr Alexander Mauskop

MigreLief for migraine - is it for you?

MigreLief, a supplement for migraine, is one of the most effective natural treatments for migraine...

Feverfew migraine relief – what are the facts about this herbal headache remedy?

Can you get feverfew migraine relief? Is feverfew really an effective migraine herbal remedy, and what can it do for you?

Tannins and migraine – is there a connection?

Could tannins be a major underlying trigger of migraine? An increasingly large group is saying yes, and here's why...

Food with tyramine and how to avoid it...

Should you avoid food with tyramine? What foods are high in tyramine? Migraine sufferers often find that a tyramine-free diet may be just what they need...

Seymour Diamond, MD

Profile of Seymour Diamond, MD, founder of the Diamond Headache Clinic

The headache MSG connection –Are migraines hiding in your soup and salad?

Finding the headache MSG connection may be the key to ending your pain! Some of the places monosodium glutamate may be hiding may surprise you...

The headache caffeine connection – is caffeine a cause or a cure?

What does the headache caffeine connection mean to you? What about medications containing caffeine? Is coffee helping you or making things worse?

Taking Tylenol – what you need to know about acetaminophen before you buy it...

The truth about Tylenol ... Should I take Tylenol? Where can I buy it online? These and other questions about acetaminophen answered here!

Diary Headache Migraine

Keep track of your symptoms with the diary headache migraine solution. It's easy, complete and a great way to help any migraine sufferer track down triggers.

Headache chiropractor treatment

What is headache chiropractor treatment? Is it effective or dangerous? Though there has been debate, headache chiropractor treatment seems to be one of the most effective alternative treatments...

HeadWay, Issue #020 -- Preparing for EmErGeNcY!

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HeadWay, Issue #071 -- Medication Overuse Headache

HeadWay, Issue #067 -- When to NOT buy Painkillers

HeadWay, Issue #066 -- Your First Headache

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Excedrin Migraine - cautions and tips

Here's what you need to know about Excedrin Migraine - the pain killer from the popular Excedrin line. What's in it, and will it help?

Migraine headache

What is a migraine headache? How is it treated? Find out what the latest research is telling us about a misunderstood disease called migraine...

Thunderclap headache – what it is and why you should be concerned...

Sudden and severe - thunderclap headache is sudden, painful, and not as rare as you may think. Should you be concerned that it's something serious, or is it just passing pain?

Migraine headache medication - not what you think?

You'll be surprised to learn that migraine headache medication is often not the best way to treat a migraine attack. Not all migraine headache treatments are created equal...

How to treat a migraine - step by step tips from start to end the pain

Need to know how to treat a migraine? Here's some advice to get rid of the pain and eliminate those symptoms...

Excedrin Tension Headache

The Excedrin Tension Headache solution has become extremely popular. What do you need to know about Excedrin for headache relief?

What ibuprofen dosage should I take, and will it help?

Trying to decide on an ibuprofen dosage? How much is too much? What should you watch for, and when should you try something else?

HeadWay, Issue #070 -- Should I use Preventative Medication?

HeadWay, Issue #069 -- Instead of a Painkiller - What?

Migraine Medications: So many choices

An introduction to the many options of migraine medications that migraine patients have today. Migraine treatment is no longer a one-size-fits-all!

Finding a Good Migraine Specialist

It can be a challenge to find a migraine specialist, but too often people are putting up with doctors who really know very little about migraine. Here are some tips to help you...

HeadWay, Issue #027 -- Are you a frustrated patient?

A cox2 inhibitor - should I use it?

Thinking of using a cox2 inhibitor to relieve pain, instead of traditional anti-inflammatory drugs. But are cox2 inhibitors such as Vioxx, Celebrex and Bextra really a better choice?

HeadWay, Issue #007 -- CoQ10: Energy in a pill?

HeadWay, Issue #068 -- Migraine Weather - really?

Digital Barometer - the Migraine Barometer is back!

HeadWay, Issue #066 -- Sleep Apnea, Headache and Migraine

HeadWay, Issue #065 -- Migraine, Allergies and Medications

HeadWay, Issue #063 -- Answering Your Questions

Chiari Malformation symptom

Wondering about a chiari malformation symptom? What is it and what symptoms are doctors looking for? Find out here...

Is a headache allergy causing you pain? Find out here...

Attacking the headache allergy ... how to know if you have an allergy headache and what to do about it!

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Make the headache link stronger - if you've found this site helpful, why not link to it so others can benefit?

Headache News on your site!

Here are several ways you can have migraine and headache news on your site for free!

Melatonin and migraines - is there a connection?

Are melatonin and migraines connected? Can melatonin stop migraines before they start? What studies have been done to find the answers? Find out here...

HeadWay, Issue #015 -- Get to sleep

The strange world of basilar migraines, and what to do about them...

Basilar migraines: does anyone else have these wild and crazy symptoms? Dizziness, vertigo, double vision: what are they and what can you do about them?

Headache and hemiplegic migraine

What is the connection between headache and hemiplegic migraine? How do I know when I'm in danger? Find the facts on hemiplegic migraine here.

Sinus headache relief

What is the best sinus headache relief? Let's look at some options to get rid of that horrible ache in your head from sinus headache...

HeadWay, Issue #037 -- Congestion and migraine

HeadWay, Issue #064 -- A look back at 2008

HeadWay, Issue #055 -- Why you need a Physiotherapist

HeadWay, Issue #056 -- Post-concussion syndrome

Post Concussion Syndrome Symptoms

Do you have Post-Concussion Syndrome? Check this list of Post Concussion Syndrome Symptoms and how long they last...

Post Concussion Syndrome - causes and treatment

Just when you think you ought to be getting better, the symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome drag on and on... but what is PCS, and are there treatments that really work?

Head sports trauma

What are the dangers of head sports trauma? How do you know how serious it is, and why you should be back in the game? Here are some things to consider...

HeadWay, Issue #025 -- Post-traumatic migraine

What causes ice cream headache, and is there a cure?

Stop the pain of ice cream headache! What causes brain freeze, and the possible link to migraine...

HeadWay, Issue #058 -- Whiplash headache

Headache Whiplash Injuries

Tell me about headache whiplash injuries - what exactly causes them, and how can they be treated? Here is an introduction to whiplash headaches...

HeadWay, Issue #059 -- Migraine, headache and Botox

HeadWay, Issue #062 -- Migraine, stroke and heart disease

Topamax side effects

Are Topamax side effects really worth the trouble? Learn about the side effects of topiramate, especially as they relate to migraine patients taking the drug...

The topamax migraine solution – is topamax the migraine drug for you?

The Topamax migraine solution - a dream come true? It's the antiepileptic drug that may bring relief to migraineurs. But is it for you?

Pregnancy Headache – what can I do about headaches when I'm pregnant?

Pregnancy headache requires special treatment – here's what to expect when you're pregnant and suffering from migraine or other headaches . . .

The reality of menopause headache and what you can do about it ...

Get control over menopause headache – why menopause headache is different and what to do about it...

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Migraine and headache books

Find out what migraine and headache books our readers recommend at the Reader's Choice Awards...

Headache and diet: Finding the link and making it work for you...

The headache and diet connection – how you can eat your way to less pain and better health! Is there a “migraine diet”, and food that brings relief?

Migraine, headache, and art

Migraine, headache, and art have gone together for hundreds of years, if not longer. Learn more about migraine art yesterday and today, and share your own!

Migraine Skulls

This is a work in progress...But I wanted to share it because I often love to see where a drawing has come from and where it is going... Two skulls,

Instant Torment

It's not *exactly* what I see right before a migraine hits, because I can't ever seem to focus on it and study it - when I try, it moves out of my

Chaotic Confinement

For the past three years, I have been plagued with daily headaches. Relatively recently, I began to work through it with the use of drawing and found

Things I see

I've been seeing this thing in various colors and intensities for 25 years. I thought I was developing clairvoyance because I always felt a

Mine's prettier than your's

My first one ever. It was in constant motion with the chevrons dancing side to side. Lasted 20 minutes, no headache at all. I recently ripped two

Category 5

Everyone in my family gets migraines, and I'm the only one who doesn't get auras. I'm kind of jealous because a)I feel left out, and b)some people

Another headache

Its like I'm lost in a fog where the only real thing is the pain in my


This is more or less the colours and visuals I see, this has intensified over the last couple of months followed by neck pain and migraine.

Intense: Pronunciation: \in-?ten(t)s\ Function: adjective

I've had migraines for so long now (35+years)That I just gotten use to them I guess. I can always tell how bad it's going to be by where the aura

Artistic Interpretation of Vacillating Crystalline Arc Shapes of the Migraine Phenomenon

I never had Migraine aura until perhaps two years ago. I was worried about it at first. Now I know they'll go away in just a couple minutes or so.

Migraine Monster

The pain got to me... I guess that's self evident. After a pulmonary embolism some two years ago I have been extremely prone to migraines lasting

What I see

I produced this during college. 2002. At the time I was studying graphic arts and it dawned on me that I might now have the skills to show the world

Silent Ocular migraine

It is so scary. I never know when it is coming, until I am in the throws of it. All of a sudden my eyes start acting really weird, I can't focus

Silent Ocular migraine

It is so scary. I never know when it is coming, until I am in the throws of it. All of a sudden my eyes start acting really weird, I can't focus and

migraine monster

when i get migraine pain, it's in the back of my head. i painted the monster and the background in shades of green, as green has always represented

self portrait with migraine

It is like seeing sound,and hearing colors, which only a migrainer could understand.


My migraines are either intense headaches or visual disturbances, which never occur together. During the visual migraines, I typically think I am


It makes me nauseous to even think of it. It appeared yesterday. It was like a jagged saw-blade but oval'ish, not round. But very true saw blade

Migraine Aura

Digital artwork, set against one of my own photos depicting what I see during the migraine

The Chute

This is the way I felt, as if the top of my head was going to go off in a horrible chute of pain and nerves and flashing lights. I felt nauseous and


Before and during a migraine my vision is greatly disturbed and I experience pain that feels as though my head is torn apart. My eyes also swell.

Injecting Pointless DHE 1 & 1/2 Inches Deep Into My Thigh

This was during my Hades days with a doctor in Minneapolis, MN, USA, whose philosophy was not to treat disabling migraine pain at all. I was only

Voodoo Migraine

Sometimes while in the middle of a migraine, I find myself wondering where did these things ever come from. Although I've heard they are hereditary

Me -- On A Bad Day

I'm always left to wonder why is it that I was saddled with this particular affliction...migraines. I mean -- growing up an asthmatic was bad enough

first occular migraine

i have suffered from migraines without auras for years. i had a hysterectomy 4 months ago and have not had any since the surgery. a few days ago i had

A collage of my migraine auras

Hi there I have occular migraines. I get the migraine aura's - sometimes the scintillating scotoma usually in the day time, and sometimes brightly

HeadWay, Issue #061 -- Headache and Migraine News

Ocular migraine

What's an ocular migraine? What causes it? What's the treatment? Find out the truth about ocular migraines here...

HeadWay, Issue #060 -- Trigger Point Therapy

HeadWay, Issue #057 -- Side effects of Topamax

HeadWay, Issue #054 -- Quick tips

aromatherapy headache solutions

Looking for aromatherapy headache solutions? Here are the best aromatherapy treatments for headache and migraine...

Aromatherapy for headache – what works for migraine and headache...

Investigate aromatherapy for headache: can you find relief with essential oils from migraine and headache symptoms? Find out about aromatherapy and aromachology here...

HeadWay, Issue #053 -- Simplicity

HeadWay, Issue #029 -- Turn on the tunes

Home remedy for tension headache

You've got a headache, and need relief NOW. This is the place to find a home remedy for tension headache that can ease the headache symptoms quickly...

Getting to sleep with Migraine

Our website readers offer their suggestions on how to get to sleep during a migraine attack...

HeadWay, Issue #052 -- How to talk to your doctor

Lupus Headache

What is a lupus headache? Is it different from other types of headache, and if so, are there different treatments? What about Lupus and migraine?

HeadWay, Issue #051 -- TMJ, TMD and classification finale

Tooth Malocclusion and other dental problems

Tooth malocclusion is when your bite is uneven. Could this be causing you a headache? Dr Leader offers his advice...

HeadWay, Issue #050 -- Art: it's your turn!

HeadWay, Issue #001 -- Topamax and the "Off labels"

HeadWay, Issue #005 -- Get rid of neck pain!

HeadWay, Issue #040 -- Better with butterbur?

HeadWay, Issue #043 -- Fish oil: Just how good is it?

HeadWay, Issue #014 -- Don't forget the Ginkgo!

HeadWay, Issue #019 -- Your thyroid, and hidden triggers

HeadWay bonus issue -- I couldn't wait to tell you!

HeadWay, Issue #049 -- Secondary Headaches II

What I wish you knew...

What I wish you knew about my headaches or migraine attacks... people speaking to their families and friends to help them understand...

HeadWay, Issue #048 -- Head trauma?

Headache in Cerebral Venous Thrombosis

If you suffer from headache in cerebral venous thrombosis, you can have a good chance of returning to health if you are properly diagnosed early...


What is allodynia?

HeadWay, Issue #004 -- Triptans didn't work for you?

DLPA - natural pain killing power?

What is DLPA, and why is it getting so much medical attention? How does it work? Is it effective for chronic pain? Migraine? Back pain?

HeadWay, Issue #047 -- The "other" headaches

Orgasm headache: finding solutions to sex headaches

How to find relief from orgasm headache, sex headaches and migraines, and how to know when they're dangerous...

HeadWay, Issue #046 -- Cluster headache

HeadWay, Issue #036 -- Focus on Cluster

HeadWay, Issue #045 -- Tension-type Headache

HeadWay, Issue #044 -- Which headache is it?

Migraine statistics – Percentages and numbers about migraines...

Who and how many? A few migraine statistics, including estimates on how many suffer from migraine, differences in gender and age, and more...

HeadWay, Issue #042 -- Same drug, new delivery, big difference

HeadWay, Issue #041 -- Best articles you might not have read...

HeadWay, Issue #010 -- The $5 solution

HeadWay, Issue #016 -- Surrounded by Triggers?

HeadWay, Issue #039 -- A foot headache?

Migraine blogs, headache blogs

Get personal, get current with these migraine blogs and headache blogs. Also included here is the latest news on things like cluster headaches and migraine...

HeadWay, Issue #038 -- Children and migraine

Pediatric Migraine Medication

What medications can be used for child migraine? What pediatric migraine medication should I consider for my child? Here are some ideas.

Child headache – if you're looking for answers, here's the place to start...

Mommy, fix it! When child headache strikes, what can you do to ease the pain? When should you call the doctor? What drugs are safe for your children, and is there another way?

HeadWay, Issue #035 -- Tyramine and Tiger Balm

HeadWay, Issue #034 -- Gut Brain Therapy

HeadWay, Issue #033 -- Connecting-the-dots

Headache Through the Ages - A Review

A review of Dr Seymour Diamond and Mary A Franklin's fascinating little book, Headache Through The Ages...

HeadWay, Issue #032 -- Silent migraine

HeadWay, Issue #031 -- 5 popular drugs

HeadWay, Issue #030 -- Fighting nausea

HeadWay, Issue #028 -- What to eat!

HeadWay, Issue #026 -- This old pain...

HeadWay, Issue #024 -- Jaws: Don't let yours scare you

HeadWay, Issue #023 -- What does my pharmacist know?

HeadWay, Issue #022 -- Play it cool & contest wrap

HeadWay, Issue #008 -- Some like it hot...

HeadWay, Issue #021 -- Migraine's nasty Relatives

HeadWay, Issue #018 -- Pass the chocolate?

HeadWay, Issue #017 -- Migraine Newsmakers of 2004

HeadWay, Issue #013 -- The gluten goblin

HeadWay, Issue #012 -- Straight strength

HeadWay, Issue #011 -- Our most powerful asset

HeadWay, Issue #009 -- Atkins and migraine...

HeadWay, Issue #006 -- A patch for your PAIN

HeadWay, Issue #003 --, get what you want!

HeadWay, Issue #002 -- Mixed blood and Migraines

Chiropractic and Headache

Interview with Dr Michael Kricken regarding chiropractic and headache, including migraine treatment...

The Gut Brain Connection

What is the gut brain connection? Does it relate to migraine, or other headaches? Tom Staverosky explores the gut brain connection...

Migraine Triggers: Track them Down

Getting migraine attacks, but you don't know what's starting them? Time to take a closer look at migraine triggers - what uncommon and common migraine triggers are, and how to find them...

Chiari 1 Malformation: description, symptoms and treatment

What is Chiari 1 Malformation (or Chiari I Malformation)? How does it develop, and what is the treatment?

Basilar Artery Migraines (BAM)

Recent research has drastically changed our understanding of Basilar Artery Migraines. So drastically that we've had to rename them! Read more about these strange migraine attacks...

Opthalmic Migraine

Opthalmic migraine (or ophthalmic migraine), otherwise known as an eye migraine, is an old way of diagnosing a couple of different types of migraine. Confused? Here are the details...

Ice pick headache pain, what can you do about it?

The jab of an ice pick headache is like having someone jam needles into your skull. What causes it, and what can you do about it?

Headache exercise tips – basic exercise tips for the chronic headache sufferer

Headache exercise tips – how much can I exercise? What if I already have a headache? What type of exercise is the best if I'm prone to get migraines?

Medical Video Games?

Is there a medical benefit to video games? Can medical video games help alleviate chronic pain, or even improve health? The answers may surprise you!

A migraine and headache ebook with a bonus!

Own a migraine and headache ebook with the articles from, plus bonus information...

Bloody nose and headache

You've got a bloody nose and headache. Is it serious? When should you call a doctor? Here are some quick tips...

prodrome definition

What is a prodrome, especially relating to migraine...

Migraine headache medicines

Migraine headache medicines, and why some of them are missing the mark. Is a migraine headache medicine really what you need?

Headache natural remedies – stop the pain without drugs

What headache natural remedies are right for you? In recent years more and more research has been done to help us conquer headaches the natural way. The food you eat, natural supplements, and more!

Are stiff neck headaches dangerous, and how can you tell?

Do you have stiff neck headaches? Headache and neck pain could be a sign of something serious. Here's why your doctor asks you if you have a stiff neck...

Atypical Migraine and symptoms

Your doctor has made the diagnosis, but what is atypical migraine and symptoms? Cut through the confusion about the symptoms of atypical migraine here.

Beyond disability

Are headaches keeping you from acheiving your full potential at work? Here's a way you can fight back...

Headache temple pain – what causes it and how to relieve it ...

End your headache temple pain! Are you dealing with pain in your right or left temples? Find out the cause and how to relieve the temple pain ...

Migraine syndrome without headaches

So you've been diagnosed with migraine syndrome without headaches. What is that supposed to mean? Find out why your doctor may have suggested this diagnosis, and what you can do about it.

Optical Migraine

What is an optical migraine? If you've been diagnosed with this type of migraine, you may be confused about what it actually means. Let's try to understand where you should go from here...

Insurance help

Tips from our visitors about how to get the insurance coverage you need for migraine disease, headache, etc.

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Botox Headache Injection

Thinking about getting a Botox headache injection? What can you expect from the treatment? Find out more about Botox for headache and the procedure here...

Migraine Variant - does this describe you?

Once in a while a patient is diagnosed with migraine variant. But what is it? And is this a valid diagnosis?

Reflexology for Migraine

People are increasingly open to reflexology for migraine as they search for alternative treatments with real benefits. But is reflexology really a worthwhile migraine treatment?

Verapamil Side Effects: Misconceptions and Real Issues

Should I be concerned about Verapamil side effects? Here's an overview of the most common side effects of verapamil, as well as information about some common misconceptions about this popular drug...

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