The Chute

by Nicole v. G.

The Chute

The Chute

This is the way I felt, as if the top of my head was going to go off in a horrible chute of pain and nerves and flashing lights. I felt nauseous and ended up in the bathroom, throwing up the contents of my stomach. That act alone was excruciatingly painful.

I was injected with a strong painkiller, which made me feel drowsy, and I fell asleep. When I woke up the migraine was gone, but I felt weak and shaky.

I took this photo, then worked in an editing program, to create the effect that I wanted - or rather, to recreate the feeling that I'd experienced.

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Oct 20, 2007
by: Anonymous

my head is screaming with pain looking at this. where's the photo of the painkiller!

Oct 13, 2007
It's hard to be too dramatic...
by: James

It really is hard to be too dramatic when it comes to migraine pain. Sometimes I wish there really was a "visual manifestation" like this - then people would know how bad it really is!

And maybe if it all shot out the top of my head it would go away! :)

¡Bien hecho!

Oct 12, 2007
Tu Foto
by: Edu

Hola Nicole.
La idea es buena, el gesto del hombre está muy bien conseguido.
Sobre el efecto que has querido conseguir, lo veo bien, pero los bordes están muy definidos para mi gusto, también la unión con la cabeza debería ser un poco más gradual.
Un cariñoso saludo

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