Headache Resources

This page is a growing list of some of the best headache resources outside of Relieve-Migraine-Headache.com. There is so much out there, this page is designed to give you a starting point to learn more about specific headache topics. Check back often for the newest information! I'm taking it slow so that I can make sure you're getting quality resources. Be sure to check the many links throughout the rest of the site.

Allergies and headache

Not only can allergies be the main cause of some headaches, they can also trigger migraine symptoms. This site is run by an allergy nurse (how appropriate!), Lois Turley, RN. It's a gold mine of tips and medical information. I've personally appreciated Lois' advice and help in the past.

Cluster Headache

This is the first headache resource to be added to this page. Cluster headache information and support is incredibly hard to find, and this excellent site provides both. Started in 1998 by Daren (DJ) Johnson, himself a cluster headache sufferer, this site is very popular (currently in the top 4% of sites on the 'net). It contains excellent information, tips, and perhaps best of all, a forum where you can interact with other cluster sufferers and their friends.

Medical Textbooks

CampusBooks.com specializes in finding textbooks. This section of the site features medical texts. A handful have reviews actually on the site, the rest you can search for by ISBN, title, author or keyword. It will search several online booksellers for new and used textbooks to find the best price for you.

Giving back

International DOVE
International DOVE is not one of the headache resources or migraine resources per se, but it is an organization worth supporting. Here at Relieve-Migraine-Headache.com, we put a lot of emphasis on both education and medical treatment, and that's two of the things that iDOVE is doing. Focusing on the war torn impoverished country of Sierra Leone, West Africa, International DOVE is working with children to bring development, medical help and education where it truly is most needed. I encourage you to check out their site, and consider giving back so that more people can have access to the treatment and education that we take for granted. Thanks, International DOVE!

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