What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Migraines ( Mauskop & Fox )

A review of the book by Dr Alexander Mauskop and Dr Barry Fox

This review of the book by Mauskop is based on an article that originally appeared in the September 2003 edition of HeadWay.

Two things put me off this book right away. First, Dr. Mauskop is promoting a specific product, MigreLief (although I appreciated the fact that he noted this right at the start). Second, the back cover told me that I was about to read about a "seven-step program". When it comes to migraine, a very complicated problem with an unknown cause, I'm very suspicious about "programs" that make great claims. I almost didn't even read the book.

When I finally picked up a copy to read, I found out that it wasn't just a sales pitch and another miracle program. If it is a sales pitch, it's a very gentle one backed up by good data. Mauskop's "seven-step program" is simply some very practical advice organized in a practical way, not a new miracle cure. Some of his tips you've heard before, probably many you haven't, but they're excellent.

In fact, this book is quickly rising to the top of my list of migraine books. Here's why:
* The information is practical and down to earth
* It's backed up by both experience and research
* It offers a description of a wide variety of treatment ideas, not just a few of the author's pet ideas
* It explains things more clearly than any other book on migraine I've read
* It's organized well enough to make a great reference on the shelf

I especially enjoyed reading his numerous tips on eliminating environmental triggers (chapter 7). He talks about everything from pets to dust to humidity to ions.

Mauskop even goes into the various drug treatments, although his focus is generally elsewhere.

Although the authors do recommend MigreLief (a combination of feverfew, magnesium and riboflavin, formerly known as Migra-Lieve), they also point out that you can purchase all these supplements separately at your local drug store or online. They offer good reasons for what they're suggesting, and really this only takes up a small portion of the book.

If you want a good well rounded discussion of today's migraine treatments and home remedies, give this one a chance. You'll probably learn quite a few things about your headaches that you didn't know before! I'm looking forward to taking a closer look at his 9 suggestions for avoiding pollution, his 6 suggestions for cutting back stress, his 5 suggestions for avoiding migraines at high altitudes, and so on and so on...

About the authors

Dr Alexander Mauskop is the director of the New York Headache Clinic, and also the author of The Headache Alternative: A Neurologist's Guide to Drug-Free Relief by Fox and Mauskop.

Dr Barry Fox, health writer and speaker, has also co-written The 20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Plan: The Weight-Reducing, Health-Promoting Nutrition System for Life with Dr. Gabe Mirkin. He is the author of numerous other books on topics such as arthritis and alternative health.

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Mauskop on Migraine
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