Me -- On A Bad Day

by Lisa B.

I'm always left to wonder why is it that I was saddled with this particular affliction...migraines. I mean -- growing up an asthmatic was bad enough (laughing too hard or exerting myself too much would always end in a fit of wheezing and coughing)!! As soon as I feel I've conquered one ailment (its been centuries since my last attack, but my inhaler is always around...just in case!), here comes another one to take its place!

I felt awful all day today. I stayed in bed all day curled up in a fetal position and even shed a few tears at one point as the pain was completely unbearable! Aspirin, ice cold water, my trusty ice-pack and even ice-cream were all part of my arsenal. I'm actually surprised that I'm able to sit up and share this with you right now as the migraine monster is still tap dancing on my brain stem! But...such is life. I lived through asthma and I will bop and weave and kick the migraine monster to fight another day! :o)

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Jul 21, 2009
by: Sarah

It's unfortunate that such a horrible ailment could create such a beautiful picture. I think you captured it perfectly. Your eyes scream to the viewer that you've given in to the pain, and just want it to go away.

I'm at work right now and currently suffering. The lights are so bright, and I probably shouldn't be on a computer, but it gives me comfort looking at all this art. Excedrine isn't helping :(

Feb 12, 2009
trusty ice pack, I feel ya
by: Beppy

Excellent capture of the experience. The ice pack especially speaks to me.

Sep 25, 2007
by: Anonymous

Beautiful photo, but sorry it represents such a painful experience, which it does very well...I can feel your hopelessness. Great protrayal of a bad day.

Sep 21, 2007
Yes, A bad day
by: Darlene

I can relate to how you must be feeling in this picture. Fortunately, I have been keeping free of headaches for quite a while. I recall my own bad days when I lay in bed feeling dizzy and nauseated. It is quite uncomfortable to say the least. You have twice as much to deal with having more than one affliction.

Sep 06, 2007
Something in the eyes...
by: James

I just love this shot. It's something about the eyes that says, "I'm in agony but if I just relax it might go away...or maybe not..."

Great work!

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