Silent Ocular migraine

by Iris

It is so scary. I never know when it is coming, until I am in the throws of it. All of a sudden my eyes start acting really weird, I can't focus and have a tight feeling in one or both eyes. Then I start getting crazy visuals. Like I'm going slowly blind. Sometimes it's like looking at the world through a dark veil of blood. Other times it's double images or like looking through a sheet of ice with the sun glaring through. It's always different and hard to pinpoint. I get nausea, and dizziness, my equilibrium gets off, and it can last 3 day's to a week or more. I feel weak and drained through it all. Sometimes the aura is so bright I feel like I'm staring at the bright sun for hours. My eyelids will start twitching so much for hours that I can't see things properly. Nothing helps. I feel like dying when I have them. Some migraineurs say they would welcome no pain, but I can tell you that weeks with this, is like being slowly blinded,(and it is torture). Can't drive, read, see most objects correctly...(everything is distorted), Nervous system is messed up. noises are unbearable, numbness all over. Sometimes my eyes swell up and I feel as if I'm having a long drawn out stoke. I could add so many more symptoms. but there simply is not room. It makes me feel like I want to pluck out my eyeballs. They feel as though they will explode. all through this my head pounds, but not IN pain, I feel my heartbeat as strong as it can get, but (in my head).

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Jul 24, 2008
Another depiction
by: James

Another good depiction of aura. Thanks again!

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