Headache Chiropractor

People around the world continue to turn to headache chiropractor treatment. It was estimated in 1995 by the National Institutes of Health that already about 48 million people in the USA used chiropractic treatment, and the numbers around

the world are growing. A recent trial by Dr Peter Tuchin, done for a PHD thesis at Macquarie University, showed that 60% of migraine sufferers had a reduction in their symptoms during the course of the treatment.

Dr JS Wight in the ACA Journal of Chiropractic (1978) reviewed headache chiropractor and other chiropractic treatments since 1923, and found a success rate between 72% and 90%. The benefits at times seemed to last for years after the treatments.

Chiropractic adjustments seem to be most successful in the treatment of back problems, headache and migraine. HT Vernon published a study in 1995 that related to tension headache, in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. It found that headache chiropractor care did provide some benefits.

What is headache chiropractor treatment?

Dr Greg C Molis writes:  Chiropractic care deals with subluxations (misalignments of vertebrae causing nerve irritation) anywhere along the spinal column, not just in the lower back. Sometimes the vertebrae of the spine become misaligned or lose their range of motion for one reason or another. This misalignment puts pressure on nerves leading to and from the brain. A chiropractor helps put them back in place by using gentle and highly skilled adjustments.

Dr Molis was a guest columnist in HeadWay.  You can read his full article here, for more on how chiropractic care works.

How and when should I try headache chiropractor treatment?

Chiropractic treatment is not something that is generally used on its own. One of the dangers of chiropractic is simply that someone will rely on the treatment alone and miss out on other issues that need to be treated. It's best to talk to your doctor and let her know that you're using an alternate therapy, and for what.

That being said, going to a headache chiropractor seems to be a safe and effective way to treat headache or migraine without drugs. The idea behind chiropractic is not that the condition itself is treated, but that the body is able to heal itself. Some people have dramatic results, and become completely headache free. Some migraine sufferers find complete relief. Others find relief simply from some symptoms or after effects of the migraine attack. The best thing to do is find a chiropractor that you're comfortable with, and track the results of the treatment over time.

For a great overview of how chiropractic care can fit into an overall strategy for banishing headache, read this May 2005 interview with Dr Michael Kricken on migraine and headache chiropractor treatment.


There are three things to remember when considering headache chiropractor treatment.  First, always talk to your doctor and let her know what you're doing.  You especially need to see your doctor if you're having new symptoms.

Second, choose your chiropractor carefully.  Make sure you're comfortable, and that the person really is a trained doctor of chiropractic, not a well intentioned neighbour.

Third, remember that headache chiropractor treatment is not a treatment of conditions.  It helps the body heal itself.  That means that chiropractic care often goes along with other treatments and general healthy living.

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