What headache natural remedies are right for you?

Everybody thinks of different things when they think of headache natural remedies. Some people think of only herbs. Others think of non-food remedies, such as ice packs or a long walk. Still others would even include drugs if they were derived from "natural sources".

For our purposes, we'll be thinking of pretty much all non-drug, non-surgical remedies. On this website you'll find a wide variety of treatments, some that are easy and free, others that may take some work or may cost a little more. But there's lots to try to start fighting back against those headaches!

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Headache natural remedies – where to start looking...

Probably the best thing you can do to cut down on your headaches is to change your daily eating habits. For information on headache causing and headache fighting foods, read this article on diet and migraine. Try changing your diet little by little – not only will it improve the condition of your head, it will also help with your overall health and energy!

Closely related are herbal remedies. These can include both herbs you add to your normal diet, as well as herbs taken in supplements. This includes things like the classic migraine remedy, feverfew, as well as the ancient headache remedy peppermint.

There are other supplements that have been shown to have an effect on headache. For example, magnesium and DLPA.

Our home remedies page includes more remedies, such as aromatherapy, massage, and one of the more popular headache natural remedies – using heat and cold.

How can I tell if my headache natural remedies are actually working?

Here are some tips to help you figure out if each remedy is really doing any good:

1. Keep a headache diary, preferably before you start using the headache remedy. This will give you an idea if things are improving or not.
2. Try one thing at a time. Some things may take 2-3 months before things really start to improve (for example, preventative supplements such as riboflaven. Things like heat and cold should work right away).
3. Keep up to date with the latest research, by talking to your doctor, visiting reputable health sites on the net (ACHE has an interesting article on headache prevention, which mentions some headache natural remedies), or by subscribing to ezines such as Headway (excuse the self promotion!).

In so many ways headaches are still defying modern science, but gradually we are learning ways to keep our bodies healthier. The choice is up to you! Keep trying headache natural remedies and find the ones that work for you. Headaches are a very individual thing, and so are the remedies!

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