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The prodrome is early symptoms that occur before the full blown symptoms of a disease hit. When it comes to migraine, the prodromal stage can hit hours or even days before the full blown headache itself (if a headache does occur).

Sometimes the early stages of migraine are broken into two parts, the second being aura. Both these stages include things like seeing flashing lights, feeling dizzy, yawning, and tingling in the hands.

Sometimes this stage of migraine is called the "aura". Aura is usually associated with visual disturbances that occur only a few minutes before the full blown migraine symptoms. The prodromal stage, on the other hand, can include many symptoms can can last for much longer.

The stages are usually as follows:
* Prodromal stage
* aura
* headache
* resolution
* postdrome

All of these stages may or may not happen in any given patient during any given headache.

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