The jab of an ice pick headache...

Ice pick headache

Forget the technical terms. Just say the words ice pick headache, and anyone who's had one knows exactly what you're talking about! But first, we're not simply talking about an ice cream headache. You can click the link to read an article on that type of pain. The headaches we're talking about here are very severe, and feel like jabs from a needle that may only last a second.

The ice pick headache may be related to cluster headaches, and may also attack migraineurs before or during their typical migraine headache. There could be a number of jabs, which could come at regular intervals over hours and days.

As with many headaches, this pain is a bit of a mystery. There may be one cause, or several that we don't yet understand.

What can I do about an ice pick headache?

As with any headache, if this is new pain or more severe or different than what you're used to, see your doctor right away. Check out the relation of icepick headaches to the headaches mentioned above, and make sure you're getting proper overall treatment.

Once you and your doctor have ruled out some of the more obvious causes of the pain, you can ask about indomethacin. Indomethacin is a NSAID, similar to ibuprofen (Advil) (see this NSAID in this article). You might try trying the drug for a period of time and then going off it for a while. Often, the symptoms of ice pick headaches come and go, increase and decrease.

Also, make sure you're taking care of yourself overall - getting proper exercise, eating a healthy diet. You may find a decrease in headache symptoms, or at least a greater ability to cope with the pain.

It's time to fight back...

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