by Donna

The brownish color is more of a tan color.

The brownish color is more of a tan color.

It makes me nauseous to even think of it. It appeared yesterday. It was like a jagged saw-blade but oval'ish, not round. But very true saw blade edges. It is funny, the colors are all the same as in samples I see on this site. The center was black turning a brownish tan color with black trim around the jagged blade then white and blue! I could see this with both eyes. I went into the bathroom and looked into a mirror. It was like I had to look through these objects to see myself in the mirror. I would close my eyes and see them. As I moved my eyes they would move like floaters.

It scares me and makes me want to run-away..........go somewhere and be with someone nice.

I cry thinking of it............I want to feel good.

I have experience dizzy spells for abut 5 years now. I have been going to an ear, nose and throat specialist and I always feel like he thinks I make things up. I had sinus surgery 3 years ago, but that made no improvement on my dizziness. Normal vertigo things don't trigger my dizziness. I think now I have been having silent migraines. Mine do seem worse after I get stressed and the week before my period and into it about 3 days. (maybe hormones)

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Feb 21, 2010
by: Beth G

Thanks so much for sharing your feelings of scare over the image. I feel scared to death when my aura appears, its so debilitating, I feel totally powerless. Its really 'good' to know I'm not alone.

Dec 21, 2007
Behind the aura
by: James

Thanks for this submission, Donna. The great simple graphic and then the text point out something important - it's not necessarily the aura, or even the pain, that's the only problem. It's the fear and frustration that they can bring.

Well done.

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