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The Migraine Barometer

Why is this electronic barometer, the migraine barometer, so helpful for migraine sufferers?

Many people know that many of their migraine attacks are triggered by weather.  But which weather?  And even if you knew that, what good would that knowledge do you?

We know that migraine attacks can be triggered by a variety of things, and by a variety of weather patterns.  But the key for many people seems to be barometric pressure.  For some people, it's a sudden drop in pressure (that seems to be the case with me).  For others, it's a rise in pressure.  These changes seem to make certain people more likely to have a migraine attack.  And weather-triggered migraine attacks can be pretty severe, and difficult to treat.

Could a barometer help predict these attacks?

Your average electronic barometer is of little use predicting attacks.  Most of these simply show an icon predicting whether it will be sunny or stormy.  Some of the higher-end barometers show the actual pressure, but in many cases even these are not very accurate.  Even if they are, knowing the current pressure isn't what you need to know.

You need to know the changes in pressure over time.

If you could see that there was a sudden drop or rise in pressure, and you could relate that to your migraine symptoms, you might be able to take preventative action before your migraine pain got into that vicious cycle that we all know so well.

The Migraine Barometer

The new Migraine Barometer!

This electronic barometer, developed by Weems and Plath, is absolutely ideal for the migraineur.  This barometer was actually developed for marine use.  It's highly accurate so that boaters can predict weather on the open water - their lives can depend on knowing the weather.

The barometer constantly shows a chart of pressure change history (from 2 hours to 48 hours).  Do you get symptoms when the pressure suddenly drops?  You can see it at a glance.

Not only that - you can even set an alarm based on your personal profile.  Once you discover how pressure changes impact you personally, you can set an alarm for that type of pressure change, and be ready before that next attack comes!

Also, the electronic barometer includes a highly accurate temperature and humidity display.  Many people find that these other factors combined impact their health - you can see it all at a glance on the migraine barometer.

Many people have used the electronic barometer to find out what types of barometric changes trigger their attacks.  They are then able to see these changes when they first happen, and take preventative action - stopping attacks before they start.

Main features at a glance

The main features of the migraine barometer:

  • Highly accurate marine-grade barometer
  • Temperature (C/F)
  • Humidity display
  • Pressure change history chart (critical for migraineurs)
  • Pressure change alarm (personalized)
  • High wind warning
  • Dual time zones
  • Moon phases
  • Backlighting
  • Timers
  • Buzzer with volume settings
  • Memory function
  • Can be set for your exact altitude
  • Portable

Order your Migraine Barometer

The Migraine Barometer is no longer available. Please check back, and we'll let you know if it we can get it for you.

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