Profile of Seymour Diamond, MD

Dr Seymour Diamond is probably best known as the founder of the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago, Illinois USA.   The Diamond Clinic was founded by Dr. Diamond in 1972, and has become a world famous home for treatment and research of migraines and headaches.   Dr. Diamond is the Director Emeritus of the clinic.  He also teaches at the Chicago Medical School and teaches and lectures elsewhere.

Dr. Seymour Diamond studied at the Chicago Medical School, from which he also received the Distinguished Alumni Award (1977) and The President's Award (2002).

Diamond has been as editor or on the editorial board for 31 publications, has written over 480 articles and authored or co-authored over 70 books (see some popular examples below).   Dr Diamond has also serves as the executive chairman of the organization he founded, the National Headache Foundation.

It's hard to overestimate Dr. Diamond's contribution to migraine research in the USA and around the world.  His publications are only part of the story.  He has actively worked with patients, met with researchers and specialists, and promoted awareness of migraine and other headache disorders, appearing in the media and authoring popular works.

You can hear some brief thoughts on his experiences, especially with the National Headache Foundation in the United States, in the video below.

You can read the story of Dr. Diamond in a recent book - Headache Godfather, published in late 2012.  It offers a look at Diamond's contributions as well as a personal look at one man who has fought migraine.

Dr. Diamond is the author of Conquering Your Migraine along with Mary A Franklin, Headache and your Child with Amy Diamond, A Patient's Handbook on Headache and Migraine with Merle Lea Diamond, the highly rated The Hormone Headache with Bill Still and Cynthia Still, and many more books and articles.

Read a review of Dr. Diamond's 2005 book, Headache Through the Ages!

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