Injecting Pointless DHE 1 & 1/2 Inches Deep Into My Thigh

by Robert John Donahue
(Inver Grove Heights, MN, USA)

This was during my Hades days with a doctor in Minneapolis, MN, USA, whose philosophy was not to treat disabling migraine pain at all. I was only allowed the sting of the self-inflicted DHE injections thrice-daily for three weeks. This treated the pain only by briefly distracting my attention to the pain in my thigh muscle after each shot.

This doctor was fond of what he called a German philosophy - just go home and suffer. I was losing my job due to the constant pain, and he said I needed knowledge, that's the answer! He blamed the migraines on the depression, rather than blaming the depression on the migraines and on his refusal to effectively treat my chronic pain as required by the Board of Medical Practice.

Doctors like this cost me my job. The one doctor that helped me still had no sympathy, treating my honest questions as sarcasm.

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Jan 07, 2015
Nice one
by: Anonymous

As far as I know there is no genuine treatment for migraine. I have been having this for several years. It comes on and off. More than the pain migraine is highly irritating. Normally I place a pack of ice.

Jul 07, 2014
DHE isn't for everyone
by: Janet Jones

Sounds like you have has not the best me.

What I have learned in 38 years of being a migraine one point chronic for 12 years....a migraine that was with me for 12 years break..not one day..then DHE came along...and like your doctor...suffer suffer suffer ..then it will either get better or stay the same...but not worse. Never should have said not worse...and then after that in patient treatment he completely gave up,on me because I wasn't a success for him!!!! Really??????? Please!!!!

Right doctor..maybe DHE would have worked, to this day almost 2 years and 4 months later I am pretty certain that PICC line wasn't inserted properly, therefore the DHE wasn't in my bloodstream properly any case I have so many more side effect issues since then that it infuriates me as I continue to seek help.

My heart breaks for you Robert. I wouldn't wish DHE on anyone. I don't think it's for everyone and for those who have received relief..God Bless..I truly wish after a lifetime I could get some relief.

Janet Jones

Feb 09, 2010
by: Stephanie

Hello,New to the board but not new to the migraine.I have hemiplegic migraine and so far i feel like the other person that has tried all the meds in the book and now they want to try the DHE infusion....??? well I so far from what I have read on it it said not a good idea for paitents with hemiplegic migraines...sometimes i just wonder what do doctors do when they get stuck on a case?

My Dr. did tell me it may work it may not. so it's like a fifty fifty chance right? I too have chronic asthma and they both set each other off so its hard to deal with one then turn around and have to deal with the other....
DHE....GET it or NO?

May 15, 2009
Dhe injections I take them too
by: Anonymous

i have been on every migrain med that exsist......
finally after years one of my doctors told me to try Stadol Ns. I smiled and said stadol is for if you are goin to have a baby, and I am a guy:) He said try it, take one spray, in one nostril, and lay down...about 15 seconds my migraine was totally gone, I had some nausea so i took phengrin..
Well I have asthma, the stadol has a steriod base, so it does cause you to hold I ask my doctor if there was anything that could work with out the fault, my body has now went through everything, even the DHE shots..imitrex shots,pills, and patches...I finally told my doctor that I guess i just need to go back on the stadol, he will not put me back on until i have used all the dhe and any other he has put me i am like you,,,I do not know what to me any time at and thanks for your post

Sep 25, 2007
An Assault
by: Anonymous

Sorry you suffered so needlessly at the hands of someone from whom you sought relief. In my opinion this doctor should not be treating migraine patients. I trust you have fled from these uncouth doctors and are now receiving the professional treatment you deserve. Your art is poignant to say the least of your plight, thanks for sharing, I am sure it will help others to know it is not necessary to be held captive and be verbally abused and ridiculed for having a legitimate disease called migraine.

Sep 13, 2007
by: James

This is an important picture and story for two reasons. First, it shows the kind of pain and frustration that people need to go through to get "treatment" (I did injections too - I understand!).

Second, it reminds us that doctors do think differently, and we need to try to understand where they're coming from. Sometimes the philosophy of the doctor is helpful. Other times - OW!

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