migraine monster

by isabel

when i get migraine pain, it's in the back of my head. i painted the monster and the background in shades of green, as green has always represented nightmares to me. blue is my comfort and safety color, so i painted the migraine sufferer in shades of blue. the yellow suggests the pressure in my head and the feeling that something is trying to grow or erupt from my head.

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Oct 18, 2015
thank you for sharing!
by: kim

i love your painting, and can relate to it very much, although for my seizures instead of migraines. But you really capture the feelings associated with being attacked by the "monster" of it. thank you for sharing.

Mar 11, 2014
Poem Illustration
by: Kathleen

A friend e-mailed me your art in response to my sending him a poem I wrote about my migraines. I had to gasp, because it fit my poem so well. Thank you for sharing this beautiful work with me and the rest of the world.

Mar 10, 2014
Poem to Accompany Your Picture
by: Kathleen

by Kathleen Phillips

There’s a monster in my head
Its thick, heavy fingers
Squeeze my brain
And it scratches the backs of my eyes
With its gnarled claws

There’s a monster in my head
It dances a macabre jig on my eardrums
Until I’m so dizzy
I walk like a drunk woman
Leaning to one side
And eventually, I vomit
Like a teenager who has tasted hard liquor
For the first time

There’s a monster in my head
It changes my personality
From sociable to craving solitude
From caring about others
To thinking only about myself
And the ceaseless
Screaming pain

There’s a monster in my head
I’ve tried to kill it
With alcohol
Massage therapy
And an assortment of pills
Thrice the prescribed dosage
But it sneers at my attempts
It is invincible
It lives
And sometimes, I think that the only way to kill it
Is by exterminating its host

There’s a monster in my head
I live for the times it sleeps
And worry constantly
About accidentally awakening it
It seems to sleep less and less
And I know it will never leave me
It’s always there
Lurking in the shadows
There is
A monster
In my head

Feb 12, 2009
Expertly done
by: Beppy

I agree with James - I like your explanation of the colors. And the monster is perfect.

Jul 24, 2008
Colour and darkness
by: James

This is great - I especially appreciate your comments on why you drew it the way you did. I can relate to this one!

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