Sinusitis is the inflammation of the lining of your sinuses, usually caused by infection. This is an extremely common problem. Symptoms include tenderness in your face, pain on the forehead, cheeks or behind the eyes, and possibly a stuffy nose, pain in your upper teeth, a headache in the morning or when you lean over, and fever.

There are very types and classifications. Bacterial is common, and usually a doctor will prescribe antibiotics for 10-14 days. If the problem becomes chronic, more intensive treatment is often required, again using antibiotics, or in some cases surgery.

The problem can last 10-14 days and longer, which is important to remember when differentiating between other types of headache. A migraine may only last 1-2 days. It has been estimated that half of the people with migraine actually believe that they have sinus headache. Many have actually been diagnosed by a doctor. Migraine often has similar symptoms, including congestion and tenderness.

Prevention: When you get a cold or have allergy problems, your congestion may start causing problems in your sinuses. If they're not draining properly, bacteria can become trapped, leading to sinusitis. You can lower your risk by doing a number of things. Consider getting a humidifier if you live in a dry area, or if your home tends to be dry (from dry heating for example, during colder months). Keep your humidifier clean. If you're sick, be sure to drink lots of fluids. Blow your nose gently, one nostril at a time. If you have allergies, don't just live with them - try to keep them under control. And if congestion becomes a problem, consider using a nasal decongestant. Many use a decongestant while travelling as well. Visi our search page to search for reliable nasal decongestant spray.

Differentiating between migraine and sinusitis (sinus headache)

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