Migraine #4

by David Morris

Migraine #4, 40

Migraine #4, 40" X 40" inkjet print, (2008)

Migraine - (2008) With this series, I make the often private and debilitating experience of a migraine open to all. "Migraine" is wrought with melancholia. The life that I am portraying is one of angst; it knows the ebbs and flows shared by those who are subject to chronic pain. The treatment of light is paramount. Light produces such beauty, yet it is synonymous with pain.

You can view the entire series on my website: www.davidmorris.ca

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Feb 08, 2010
by: Chris in VA

For me, light is a killer. Daytime migrains are twice as bad because it's hard to shut out the light. I can feel my eyelid twitch and a nausea pang in my stomach when I see this picture.

Jan 12, 2010
thank you from Little Rock AR
by: Anonymous

this says "disruption" with a vague sense of nausea to me...something about it does not quite capture the quality of my own migraines, but the slight distortion of the vertical lines as well as the contrast between bland, common comfort of the sofa with the hospital-type white pillow and the sharp grey-whiteness above is one of the better peices of "migraine art" I have seen... thank you!

Dec 08, 2009
by: James

Well done, David. This image says a lot in a unique way!

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