Treatment Cluster Migraine

There's a good reason why it's so difficult to find treatment cluster migraine information.  But hopefully you'll find the information you're looking for here.

The reason for the challenge is that the very term cluster migraine is rarely used by the medical community.  Unfortunately, even some doctors still use the term, but it's confusing and makes it very difficult for you to find the treatment you need.

Treatment Cluster Migraine - Step 1

Treatment Cluster Migraine - one or the other?
Before you can get any treatment, it's important to clarify the terminology.  I've found that often when doctors use the term, they seem to be actually talking about cluster headaches.

But when the general public uses the term cluster migraine or cluster migrane, it's much more likely they're talking about migraine disease, or a migraine attack.

To clarify the difference between cluster and migraine, check out this chart (originally published at Headache and Migraine News).  Read down the list and see if your symptoms match one side or the other.

Treatment Cluster Migraine - could it be both?

Maybe I do need treatment for cluster migraine - what if I have both migraine and cluster?

Yes, it is possible to have both.  However, they generally won't come at the same time.  It's also possible to have one that has symptoms very much looking like the other - there are many similarities.  However, the best thing to do is narrow down exactly what you have, then treat each specifically.

Once you've checked on what you think you have, talk to your doctor and press for an accurate diagnosis.  You may want to consider a specialist.

Check here for other types of headaches.  For more on migraine, check here.  Read here for more on cluster.

More on treatment cluster migraine here at MAGNUM.

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