A collage of my migraine auras

by Claire
(Southampton, Hants, UK)

Migraine Auras

Migraine Auras

Hi there
I have occular migraines. I get the migraine aura's - sometimes the scintillating scotoma usually in the day time, and sometimes brightly coloured aura's swirls, lattices, checkerboard patterns that oscillate flash and move - i get these usually at night but thankfully not with the headache as such, although my speech is affected during the aura's themselves and I am left very tired for a day or so.

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Jul 24, 2008
nice representation
by: Connnie

Very nice representation. I think you demonstrate the various movements that seem to occur simultaneously yet somehow, independent of one another with these migraines. Great use of colors in this collage

Jul 24, 2008
Well done!
by: James

I love the idea of a collage. I'll bet a lot of people can see something here they can relate to! Excellent.

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