Feels Like...

by Sharlene
(Plano, TX)

Feels Like..

Feels Like..

Pictures can tell a thousand words. This image came to me this morning during a migraine attack. After taking medicine because I caught it early enough, I used photoshop and a few images I have to generate the image.

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Nov 02, 2015
Shabbir Ameen NEW
by: Anonymous

I am still fighting back from migraine headache, now searching for main causes of headache. If you are looking for essay writing services then you have to read some unique articles about that kind of stuff.

Jan 29, 2011
You've captured It
by: Anonymous

Your picture shows the pounding sickening movement.

Jan 13, 2010
first hand experience
by: Anonymous

I have had severe migraine,almost constant for the last a decade.This has decresed and almost come to nil point now after 10 years' struggle with this diease and the other struggles that it entails.This picture caught my eye and could say,good portrayal although i'd like to have nothing to do with migraine anymore.

I would like to share few things that helped in ending my tryst with this neurological disease. #1.Always staying hydrated-Drink plenty of
water,lukewarm I'd suggest.

#2.Food on time and balanced diet-Include adequate seafood,meats,vegetables and fruits..vegans pls excuse,u shd use appropriate substitutes as migraine is very sensitive to deficiencies.

#3.Exercise- Whenever u r out of pain,muster the courage to indulge in any sport or fun activity like a sport of badminton or dancing or brisk walking that can improve ur circulation and reflexes and do a world of good to you.

#4.Good posture-Always sit up straight even if it's tempting to slouch.

#5.Massage-Focus on head,shoulder,neck and spine;once or twice a week for 30 min. duration may be helpful.

#6.Good sleep and on time each day.-Cannot overemphasise this one.

#7.Get rid of addictions-Painkillers,Coffee,cola,cheese,chocolate ..the last 3 being known to be triggers themselves.

#8.Prayers-Keep yourself mentally strong..believe that you WILL get over this.There's more to life than this pain we didn't ask for.

Keep the faith and take care.

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