Confined Tension

by Ana Garcia
(Miami, FL)

Chaotic Confinement 8

Chaotic Confinement 8

In the summer of 2004, I was plagued with daily headaches. I was seeing a neurologist who prescribed me different medications that would not work. I had different preventative and abortive medications. I checked my eye sight and had an MRI done and it seemed normal. Relatively recently, I began to work through it with the use of drawing and found that the pain was alleviated. It is the energy and rhythm of the lines that helps relieve the pain. The dynamics of a headache are locked in a chaotic confinement. The fluidity of an India ink pen mimics the pain’s travel pattern in my head. This controlled system of mark-making contains my condition by turning an uncomfortable negative state into a creative positive one. And from this condition, it is taking the drawing into new areas of the unknown.

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