Express Yourself! Contest

This is the home page for the Express Yourself! Contest, which ran between February 1st and February 22nd 2012.

Photographs, drawings, paintings, etc were welcome.  They had to express an aspect of migraine, cluster headache, or chronic headache.  That could include, for example, a representation of a migraine aura, an example of how cluster has impacted your life, or a visual description of the pain of chronic daily headache.

For details of the contest, rules and prizes, see Headache and Migraine News.

Important:  The contest is now closed.  See below for all the GREAT entries!

1st Place
My Migraine Sketches
by Debbie Johnson (Chicago, IL, USA)

2nd Place
The Migraine Beast
by Cat (London, United Kingdom)

3rd Place
"the girl with the migraines"
by Nicole W. (Ontario Canada)

Other GREAT entries...

Aura: The wolf waiting to pounce
by Laura Askelin (Rochester, MN, USA)

The kaleidoscopic flashing eye.
by Nadia Lovegrove (Brighton, Sussex, UK)

Who Rescued Who?
by Emily Guzan (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

by Erin (Hanmer, ON, Canada)

Smiling through a migraine
by Tasha (OK, USA)

Chaotic Confinement 8
by Ana Garcia (Miami, FL, USA)

Another migraine day
by Allison Harrison (Walnut Creek, CA, USA)

Migraines Don't Define Me
by Brittani Zarate (Scappoose, OR, USA)

An Eternity in Hell
by Sharlene (USA)

Courtney and the Moon
by Courtney & Lisa (Denton, TX, USA)

Isolated and Misunderstood.
by Kate Costello(Co. Monaghan, Ireland)

My 8 Hour Brain-freeze
by Lee Ann Ridley (Dallas, TX, USA)

Pray I Die Before I Wake
by Nicky Pearson (Edmonton AB, Canada)

Scream the pain away.
by Noël de Gooijer (Veenendaal, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Poem of Pain
by John Scott (Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, UK)

Pain Is Consuming Me
by Lily O'Brien (London, ON, Canada)

What She Sees What She Feels
by Tori Rockwell (Dallas, TX, USA)

My Chronic Daily Migraines
by Joann Krusenklaus (Knoxville, TN, USA)

My Migraine
by Georgia(London, UK)

As I Breathe, I Hope
by Cheryl Rufer (New Brighton, MN, USA)

my chronic daily migraine
by Stephanie (USA)