What She Sees What She Feels

by Jackie Rockwell (Words), Photo by Tori Rockwell
(Dallas, Texas)

What A Migraine Looks Like

What A Migraine Looks Like

The silence of her youthful mind has been broken with the frequent resonant outbursts of migraines. The last six weeks of tenth grade, we spent redesigning of our otherwise typical busy-ness of long term unemployment & high school. Quickly learning to integrate school nurses, pain management doctors, a neurologist, a tutor, a psychologist, a plethora of drugs, fifty dollar pills that don't work, and 60 ER trips with 50 morphine & Dilauded drips- into the life of my full Honors/AP loaded tech theater leader- daughter. Make sense?

God help me! This kind of pain serves no purpose and is definitely not of any design or divine order beneficial for children and the single mother watching it happen. And! After the headaches started, she out of the blue developed an interest in photography! - She's good at it, too.

Thank you for accepting this entry. -Tori & Jackie Rockwell

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