Isolated and Misunderstood.

by Kate Costello
(Co. Monaghan, Ireland)

My experience with migraines has been a lonely one, full of misconceptions and ridicule.I come from a small town where migraines are seriously misunderstood.
I've suffered from migraines with aura since I was twelve. I didn't fully understand them at that age myself, I just knew they were real and didn't know why people,teachers,friends etc questioned them so much or rolled their eyes at me.No matter how hard i tried to explain I couldn't, I couldn't express just how painful, scary,sickening or torturous they were to experience.I am 28 now and throughout the years I have educated myself on migraines through websites and countless books. I have tried several methods and medications to try over come this illness and I still live in hope that one day I will come out of the darkness. Finding what works for you personally is the key and awareness is so important. I set up a Facebook page dedicated to educating people and where other sufferers can share their experiences, I wanted to try and help others but in doing so they helped me,I have found great solace talking to people who understand exactly what I go through, no rolled eyes or questioning looks, just acceptance.
Its hard for people to understand what they cant see and migraines maybe an invisible illness but they are very real

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