My Migraine

by Georgia
(London, UK)

Me during a migraine

Me during a migraine

I'm 38 and I've had classic migraine (with aura) since the age of 3. People often say how sad that is, but to be honest I don't know any different. It's a part of me and as much as I hope I will never get one again, I can't reject a part of me. I don’t want to waste my life wishing away something that has always been a part of me but which is unlikely to just disappear. But equally I am not a quitter - I try all I can to alleviate or even try to eradicate my migraines but so far I have tried so many therapies, gadgets, techniques & medications and either none have worked effectively or the side effects are intolerable. So I have learnt to live with them. They come randomly and irregularly, but I average at least 3-4 a month. They last a day or so. But in the 35 years that I've had them I've noticed they change every 10 years or so. Each change brings new frightening symptoms and it's hard to explain to non-migraine sufferers that sometimes the pain brings comfort in its predictability. I know what I'm getting with the pain, but all the other neurological symptoms can be frightening; like not being able to find the right words, pins & needles or weakness in the affected side, disorientation & confusion, tunnel vision, changes in my visual & touch perception, extreme euphoria. Actually that’s one I like! And with the euphoria often comes great bursts of creativity & inspiration.

In the many years that I have suffered, it has become clear that my migraines are often a sign of my body or brain needing to take a break, so I listen!! I don’t fight my migraines I see them as a warning sign that too much is going on in my life and I need to slow down or take a break. Maybe I’ve got an unusual stance on migraines, but after 35 years of them this is how I’ve personally figured out to survive them.

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