The Moon is Not My Friend

by Courtney & Lisa
(Denton, TX)

Courtney and the Moon

Courtney and the Moon

The full moon. Some people say beautiful. But I say horrible. To me, it’s a warning; a warning that the pain in my head might increase.

I have migraines and when I have an aura, chances are the moon is full. Unless I get the right medicine as soon as it starts, my migraine will get worse. Sometimes the medicine doesn’t work, and then I just wait for the pain that is sure to come.

On March 19, 2011, the moon was the closest to the earth than it had been in years. This resulted in a super moon. I had an aura that lasted at least twenty minutes. No medicine worked, so I waited for the increase in my migraine—and it came. Some of the worst pain I’d been in, until now.

Because of this—the moon, auras, migraines—I just have to wonder, “Why me? I’m just a kid.” I’m fourteen years old, I’ve had migraines since I was seven, I’m always—day and night—in pain, and no medicine, except for a four day hospital stay, brings down the level of pain. I’ve cried thinking about it. The words will play through my head over and over. Why me?

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