The truth about Migrain Headache

If you want to find out about Migrain headache, and other types of headaches and migrane, you've come to the right place!

This site is dedicated to helping people who are dealing with various kinds of headaches. You can start finding out more by choosing one of the options to your left. Find out what you need to know to end migrain headache pain!

This page has been included on our website because there are so many common misspellings of the word Migraine. The most common and correct spelling in English is M-I-G-R-A-I-N-E. But very often people looking for information type migrane (this is the most common). Variations of that would be migrane headache and migrane headaches. Hopefully this page will help you find what you wanted, even with a typo.

Another common variation, the one you see most often on this page, is migrain headaches. It's easy to leave off the ā€œeā€ (especially if you happen to have headache pain right now!).

If you look around this site for a while, you'll also discover that migraine and headache don't always go together. Yes, of course many people do get headaches with migrane. But it is possible to get a migrane without a headache at all! And true migrain is much more than just a headache. For more on that, visit our page on symptoms of migrain headache.

Feel free to look around at various types of medication, home remedies, herbs and foods to help, and much more. If you'd like to keep updated on new research as well as old but good tips, you can sign up for our free ezine, HeadWay!

In the mean time, whether you have migrain or a migrane, don't give up ā€“ there is help available, and every day new research is being done! Enjoy your visit!

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