Migrane headache - the real story

Most people have heard about Migrane headache, but not nearly as many know what it is.  What exactly is it, and how is it treated?

There are good treatments, but they might not be what you expect.  Many people think that the best thing to do is to just take a painkiller.  But not only does this not get to the heart of the problem, it might even make matters worse, bringing your symptoms back again later.

But we need to clarify a couple of things.  First, this page is here because of a common misspelling.  In English, the word is usually spelled M-I-G-R-A-I-N-E.  I wrote this article to help you find the medical information you need even if you spell it differently.

Secondly, migraine headache is not the heart of the disease, but only a symptom.  That's right, headache is only on possible symptom of migraine.  In fact, it is possible (even common) to have a migraine attack without actually getting a headache.  Yes, sometimes the headache can be almost unbearable, but there are other symptoms that can make a person virtually unable to function.  It's not just the head pain!

This is why you'll hear us talking a lot more about "migraine" and "migraine attacks" than about migraine headache (or migrane headache).

Here are some articles to get you started in your exploration:If you can't find what you need, try visiting our migraine search page.  Also, here is another common misspelling of migrane headache.

You can find out about other headache types here.

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