Who Rescued Who?

by Emily Guzan
(Pittsburgh, PA)

People never really talk about migraine as it relates to depression and suicide, but in Fall 2011, I was in a very bad place. Because of migraine, I had to leave a prestigious career in law at the age of 26. Because of migraine, I had lost friends and had virtually no social life. Because of migraine, doctors misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and mistreated me. I was lost.

One morning shortly before Thanksgiving, I reached the depths of depression; I was absolutely unable to get out of bed, a feeling I had never before experienced. Around 4 in the afternoon, I found myself driving to the local shelter. My family and I loved dogs so I hoped this would cheer me up. To my surprise, I found myself falling in love with a tiny black kitten, Fitz, and I took him home without telling anyone or asking any questions! I knew nothing about caring for cats!

Fitz has been a huge factor in my migraine wellness plan. Since we found each other, I have only had one severe migraine that landed me in the emergency room. Not only did Fitz stay by my side, he would not leave my head! On that particular occasion, I tried two days of pills, injections, and even wrapping a sports bandage around my head before ultimately spending $650 on an emergency room visit.

Today, Fitz and I are better than ever. My depression is gone, and I have not been to the emergency room since then.

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